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IBHS services are designed to give children treatment interventions that allow them to remain in their homes, schools and communities. The goal is to wrap around the child, providing help in whatever areas are lacking, and uniting all of the different care providers. It gives more concentrated help than seeing a therapist on an outpatient basis once a week, but is not as intensive as placing a child in a full time facility out of the home.

     IBHS is designed to teach children and families new ways to manage problems and behaviors that cause difficulties. Staff will develop a plan to address areas of concern based on the needs of each individual child. The plan may include, for instance, teaching skills such as:

  • Managing anger
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Communication with others
  • Understanding and expressing feelings appropriately
  • Talking to parents
  • Accessing community recreation programs
  • How to problem solve and handle conflict
  • How to behave in public places
  • Appropriate school behaviors

Staff can work with children in the settings that will be the most helpful. Staff will help parents develop strategies to intervene with the child more effectively. Staff will also help in communication between the parents, and all care providers.



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