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Because it is such a long name, most people abbreviate Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services to BHRS. People used to call BHRS services "wraparound" and you may hear this term used today.

Children are eligible for BHRS services if they have a mental health diagnosis and if a psychologist or psychiatrist determines that these services are "medically necessary". This is usually accomplished through a face-to-face psychological evaluation, where the psychologist talks to the parent/guardian about their perception of the child's strengths, their concerns; obtains information about the child's history, administers a standardized test appropriate for the child; and discusses treatment options and recommendations with the parent/guardian.

Psychological evaluations are completed at the time the child enters the program and every four months thereafter to review the child's progress and determine if the child needs continued services.
Both parents and children are required to attend the evaluations.

After the evaluation, a meeting called an "Interagency Service Planning Team Meeting" is scheduled. We abbreviate this as "ISPT". This meeting usually occurs two to three weeks after the evaluation. Present at this meeting are you, as the parent and your child, if he/she is over 14. If the child has a case manager, the case manager is invited and usually attends the meeting as well. The psychologist who participated in the evaluation may attend. A representative from the insurance company is also present, along with county designees. If services are recommended in the school, then the school must participate as well. At this initial meeting, the psychological evaluation is reviewed, the goals and objectives that you would like for us to target during treatment are discussed, and possible days and times that you and your child may be available for services are determined. The result of this meeting is that an outline for a comprehensive treatment plan is developed. A packet is assembled and submitted for authorization of services, and submitted to the provider of your choice, who will deliver the services.. Typically, services begin as soon as possible after this meeting, often within 7-10 days. After the initial meeting, a representative from your BHRS Wraparound provider will be present at all ISPT meetings as well, most likely the team leader, being either the BSC or MT. On-going reviews are scheduled every four months.



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