How Do I Get My Son Or Daughter Evaluated?

To set up a diagnostic evaluation, just call 412-751-5280.

 Our secretaries will make an appointment which is convenient for you with one of our qualified clinicians. Appointments can be made in our McKeesport Office, with a variety of times available to fit your schedule. Under certain special circumstances, other arrangements for the location of the evaluation can be made, on an individual basis.

Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding this process.

The comprehensive diagnostic evaluation will be completed in a confidential manner. At the time of the evaluation, you and the clinician will discuss your child's strengths and needs, and any services which would be beneficial. Your child must accompany you to the evaluation appointment, so that clinical observations can take place as well. Following the evaluation, a report will be written, and if services are recommended, you will be assigned to a staff member to start services.

Again, to schedule an evaluation, just call us at 412-751-5280.