How Does The Process Work?

Because it is such a long name, most people abbreviate Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS). People used to call IBHS services "wraparound" and you may hear this term used today. 

Children are eligible for IBHS services if they have a mental health diagnosis and if a appropriately licensed clinician or doctor determines that these services are "medically necessary". This is usually accomplished through a face-to-face diagnostic evaluation, where the clinician talks to the parent/guardian about their perception of the child's strengths, their concerns; obtains information about the child's history, administers a standardized test appropriate for the child; and discusses treatment options and recommendations with the parent/guardian.

Diagnostic evaluations are completed at the time the child enters the program and every year thereafter to review the child's progress and determine if the child needs continued services.

Both parents and children are required to attend the evaluations.