What Is The Job Of Each Staff Member?

Behavioral Consultant (BC)

The BC is extensively trained in managing challenging behavior, and uses that knowledge to help develop a plan to meet the needs of your child and your family. The BC will work together with you, school staff, if so indicated, and other community agencies to design ways to promote positive behavior in the child, while minimizing unhealthy behavior. The BC will then lead the staff to implement the plan that is created.

The BC may do the following:

  • Act as the team leader for the case, designing and updating treatment plans and behavior plans, supervise the staff in the home, and conduct meetings.
  • Develop Treatment Plans to encourage positive behavior, and limit negative behavior.
  • Help the family design a plan to manage crisis behaviors.
  • Be available to offer expert advice to schools and community agencies about how to work with your child. (Consulting)
  • Promote communication with other agencies caring for your child.
  • Observe and decide if the treatment plan is effective for your child.

The BC may NOT do the following: 

  • Act as a caregiver or therapist to your child.
  • Provide transportation to or from appointments or visits.
  • Assume the duties of a case manager.

Mobile Therapist (MT)

The MT works individually with your child as a therapist, to help talk about difficulties, think of ways to solve problems, talk about painful events of the past, and learn ways to understand and deal with feelings.

The MT may do the following:

  • Serve as a therapist, conducting both individual and family counseling sessions.
  • Help your child identify and appropriately express emotions.
  • Help your family communicate more effectively .
  • Assist the child or family in talking about past events that caused difficulties.
  • Help the child practice acting in ways that lead to positive relationships with others.

The MT may NOT do the following:

  • Provide therapy to other members of the family, unless related to how they interact with the child who is the client.
  • Provide community outings, or crisis intervention in the community, unless this is specifically written in the treatment plan.
  • Provide services without the child being present.


Behavioral Health Technician (BHT)

The BHT works directly with your child using the interventions from the treatment plan, to learn and practice new behaviors. The BHT will also demonstrate interventions to you and other adult caregivers, and support you in providing structure and limits for your child.

The BHT may do the following:

  • Work with the child directly, in the home, school and community, using the interventions developed by the treatment team.
  • Provide one-on-one intervention, such as role-playing, role-modeling, prompting, redirection, and use of rewards.
  • Assist the child in understanding and behaving within structure (rules and expectations).
  • Teach adults who are in the child's life how to provide structure.
  • Help equip the parents to intervene with the child effectively by teaching and modeling skills.
  • Assist and support the child in the community with socialization skills and with using community resources.

If assigned to the school setting, the BHT may do the following: Follow the teachers lead in helping the child to remain on task, with focused attention.

  • Assist the child to follow rules, and deal with challenges appropriately.
  • Assist the school in providing necessary structure for the child.
  • Assist the child in developing positive relationships with peers and teachers.
  • Support the school staff in providing direct supervision to the child.

The BHT may NOT do the following:

  • Provide services not included in the treatment plan.
  • Substitute for parents or responsible adults; the BHT is not in the home to give parents a break.
  • Baby-sit or provide housekeeping.
  • Provide therapy or counseling.
  • Take the place of school personnel; the BHT may not provide academic tutoring, work as a classroom aide, or teach in the school.