What Can I Expect From the Staff?

You can expect reliable, respectful staff members who are knowledgeable and capable of doing their jobs. All of the staff members working for WJS Psychological Associates, Inc. meet the educational and training requirements before beginning to work with your child.

The BHT staff are high school or college graduates. They receive orientation training & initial supervision and training by a mental health professional before beginning to work independently. The professional staff supervises the BHT staff weekly.

The BC and MT staff members are college graduates at the Master's level in Human Service fields, and have at least one year experience after graduation. All staff must complete at least 20 hours of additional training each year, and receive ongoing supervision to help them provide the best care possible.

The staff works under strict regulations developed by the State of Pennsylvania for IBHS Programs. This agency complies with these regulations and holds staff members to a high standard of service for your child.